Classes and ages ...

Mummy and Me

Ages 0- 2years.

​Tots Ballet                                
Ages 2-31/2.   
Tots Tap    
Ages 2-31/2.  

Tots acrobatics 

Ages 2-5. 

Pre Primary Ballet 

Pre Primary Tap 

Ages 31/2-41/2.

Junior 1
Ages 41/2-8.

Junior 2
Ages 8-11.  

​Senior 1
Ages 12-14. 

Senior 2
Ages 14-18+. 

Vocational course (Level 3 - A level)

Aimed at committed students, who are considering training towards a future career as professional performers.

Ages 12 years+.  (On application, minimum exam level required)

Pointe Work

Grade 4 ballet+. (Age appropriate)

Mini Show Team 

Ages 5-9. (Audition based)

Junior Show Team 

Ages 10-14. (Audition based)

Senior Show Team

Ages 14-18+. (Auditioned based)

Adult Tap 

Ages 18+.

Junior Acrobatics
Ages 5-8. 

Intermediate Acrobatics
Ages 8-11.

Senior Acrobatics
Ages 12-18+. Intensive class. 

Junior Musical Theatre
Ages 5-12.  

Senior Musical Theatre
Ages 12-18.

​Junior Street Dance
Ages 5-8.


Intermediate Street Dance

Ages 8-12.

Senior Street Dance

Ages 12-18+.




All our classes are open to everyone (spaces limited). Our wide range of classes give our pupils a more flexible range of styles; all our junior and senior classes cover the 3 main dance genres, ballet, tap and modern. Every class has a friendly atmosphere and classes are always enjoyable.

Although ages for classes are a guideline, ability will also be considered.

Class prices from £3.

If you or your child are interested in any of our classes do not hesitate to enquire.